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PKU-Wuhan Institute for Artificial Intelligence settles in Wuhan, dedicating itself to establishing a first-class research institution of AI and constructing a base for new liberal arts

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PKU-Wuhan Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Peking University

Guided by national strategic needs and strengthening strategic scientific and technological capabilities, PKU-Wuhan Institute for Artificial Intelligence (PWIAI) is established in Wuhan with the approval of the Wuhan Municipal People's Government as an independent legal entity. On December 21st, the inaugural meeting of the first council of PWIAI was held, where Prof. Songchun Zhu, Dean of the School of Intelligent Science and Technology and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Peking University, was elected as the Chief Scientist, and Prof. Xihong Wu from the School of Intelligent Science and Technology was appointed as the Dean.

With the goal of establishing a leading national artificial intelligence research institution, PWIAI forms large teams, builds comprehensive platforms, and achieves significant tasks. It systematically promotes the holographic modeling of the "Heaven-Earth-Human" social system. It forms interdisciplinary and cross-domain research teams and builds cross-platform, versatile, and multi-level simulation platforms. It realizes holographic artificial intelligence social governance, orderly and timely conducts research on the "metaverse," and promotes the implementation of application scenarios. It vigorously promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, incubates high-tech enterprises in the information field, attracts and gathers high-end leading talents, deepens the cooperation between industry, academia, and research, and carries out talent development, training, and international exchange and cooperation.

As a national base for the construction of new liberal arts and intelligent social governance, PWIAI is committed to building a new and future-oriented liberal arts education system, providing comprehensive new liberal arts education to students, cultivating talents with innovative spirit and practical abilities, and meeting the needs of the country in economic development, technological innovation, and social progress. PWIAI will also strive to explore new models of intelligent social governance, utilizing artificial intelligence technology to improve governance efficiency, enhance governance capabilities, and promote the construction of an intelligent society.

At the same time, PWIAI is an important base for the "Double World-Class" construction of intelligent disciplines at Peking University and an integral part of serving major national needs. In the implementation of organized scientific research in the field of intelligence disciplines at Peking University, PWIAI will play a crucial role and contribute significantly to science, education, and talent development.


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