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Artificial intelligence, as the core technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is unleashing tremendous energy from the accumulation of technological revolution and industrial transformation, exerting significant and far-reaching impacts on economic development, social progress, and the international political and economic landscape. Based on the needs of national development strategies, facing the forefront of international scientific and technological competition, grasping the development trends of intelligent science, and achieving a leap-forward development of intelligent disciplines.

This is the birthplace of global intelligence disciplines. In 2002, Peking University established the first Department of Intelligence Science in China, and in 2007, it created the world's earliest complete talent development system for bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. In 2019, Peking University established the Institute for Artificial Intelligence as a university-level entity to promote advanced interdisciplinary research in artificial intelligence. In 2021, Peking University established the School of Intelligence Science Technology (SIST) and designated "Intelligence Science and Technology" as a discipline in the "Double World-Class" construction. In September 2022, on the 20th anniversary of the construction of intelligence disciplines at Peking University, the Ministry of Education officially classified "Intelligence Science and Technology" as a first-level interdisciplinary subject, and the National AI Deans Forum was held at Peking University. As the creator and leader of China's intelligence disciplines, the SISTers at Peking University have always adhered to the spirit of "broad-mindedness and pioneering spirit," working together with the nation and the people.

This is the cradle of leading talents in intelligence science. Building an artificial intelligence "scientific and technological ace army" is the glorious mission entrusted by the country to SIST, and also the goal of individual in SIST. Peking University's intelligence discipline focuses on cultivating pioneering and innovative talents in the field of artificial intelligence, creating two flagship experimental classes of "Peking University General Class" and "Peking University Intelligence Class" in an all-round way, creating an open, free, independent and innovative academic atmosphere, strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, establishing an internationally leading talent training system that reflects Peking University's characteristics and runs through undergraduate, master's and doctoral students, and leading domestic talent training in intelligent disciplines.

This is a pioneer in organized scientific research. SIST faces the national strategic task of developing general artificial intelligence, relies on the large platform of the National Key Laboratory of Cross-Media General Artificial Intelligence, forms a large scientific research team of four levels: university research PI groups, university laboratories and research institutes, cross-disciplinary new R&D institution, and university-enterprise joint laboratories. It enables talents, information, technology and other innovative elements to be supplied preferentially, allocated reasonably and flowed efficiently. It carries out original and leading scientific research from 0 to 1 in the field of general artificial intelligence, and builds a strategic scientific and technological force that represents national will, serves national needs and represents national level.

SIST will fully implement the integrated development strategy of education, science and technology, and talent proposed at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Following the overall approach of "education system supporting talent development, talent development supporting technological innovation, and technological innovation supporting national strategy," it will be guided by national strategic needs, focus on organized scientific research, implement moral education and talent development, scientific and technological innovation, and talent team building. With down-to-earth efforts and pioneering spirit, it will contribute to Peking University's construction of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics by embodying Chinese philosophy and world-class technology.

Songchun Zhu


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